Men And Women Feel Frisky At Totally Different Times Of Day

Sex life feeling a little out of sync? As though you and your boo just can’t get things going...the connection’s just off? According to a survey from sex-toy company Lovehoney, timing could be the problem...and it’s not your fault. Heck, it’s actually NO ONE’S FAULT! Men and women are literally feeling frisky at different times of day. Of the 2,300 adults ask:

  • 70% of women say they’ve been with a partner whose sex drive was mismatched with theirs and the timing of their turn-ons was a major issue.
  • Men reported they like tostarttheir day with a little sex, anytime between 6 and 9am, with theirpeak excitement hitting at 7:54 in the morning.
  • On the flip side, women reported being more into winding down with sex at the end of the day, between 11pm and 2am,with 11:21 p.m. being their friskiest time of day.

So what does this mean for your sex life? Schedules and preferences are fine, but when the mood strikes, most of us aren’t focused on the clock. There are lots of things that affect our libidos, and sometimes we just feel too busy to get busy, so when you feel like getting it on, go for it – no matter what time it is.