Florida Woman Arrested For Threatening McDonald's

A Florida woman got a little too saucy in her quest for sauce -- by threatening a fast-food employee who said she couldn't walk off with free ranch or honey mustard.

Maguire Marie McLaughlin went to the drive-thru of a Mickey D's in Vero Beach and ordered what employees described as "a large amount of food." The 19-year-old thought that entitled her to take some liberties, so she asked for one container of every dipping sauce in the place.

The clerk informed McLaughlin she could have one free sauce for the nuggets she'd purchased, but would have to cough up 25 cents for each additional packet -- which she refused to pay. The woman said she would get her sauce "by any means necessary" and threatened to come back and rob the place -- at which point a manager called cops.

According to the police report, McLaughlin was glassy-eyed and reeked of alcohol as she was loaded into the patrol car for booking. (Fox)

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