Report Says Prince Harry Was Blocked From Meeting With Queen Elizabeth

WhilePrince HarryandMeghan Markleare being portrayed as insensitive for not givingQueen Elizabeththe heads up on their plans, there is now a report saying Harrytried but was blocked.

Here’s how the timeline supposedly goes: Harry “originally contactedPrince Charlesabout spending more time in Canada and America just before Christmas.” Charles told him to come up with a plan, which he did and sent it to his father just after the New Year.

The next step was Harry reportedly asking for a “summit with the queen at Sandringham” and being told that his grandmother would happily meet with him. She then wouldn’t discuss plans until he’d spoken to Prince Charles. But THEN, the meeting was reportedly blocked by palace courtiers and the queen told Harry not to go public.

Senior courtiers are saying that “Harry and Meghan will be punished for this.”