Best Day Of The Week To Start A New Routine

January is the month for new starts,but is there a best day of the weekto begin a new routine or habit? That all depends on who you ask. Many of us have heard that Mondays are the way to go, but not everyone agrees.

The group “Monday Campaigns,” the folks behind “Meatless Monday” like using the start of a new week to boost new habits and goals. “With Monday, you have 52 opportunities in a year,” explainsRon Hernandez, managing director of Monday Campaigns. “If you fall short one week, there’s always an opportunity right around the corner.”

Sounds legit, right? Well some say that also means on some level you’re planning to fail by allowing constant resets. And time management and productivity exertLaura Vanderkampoints out, “You will not be a different person come Monday.” She notes that you’ll have the exact same willpower then that you do every other day. So her suggestion is to just start now,whenever that is.

If you’re not down with Vanderkam’s “there’s no time like the present” idea and really feel the need to pick a day to start a new routine, she believes Thursday should be that day. She explains there’s less happening on Thursday, so you can focus more on it that day, plus you get Friday to repeat your habit before the weekend arrives.

Source:Mind Body Green