Is 3 a Child's Worst Age, or the Absolute Best?

As Lifehacker scribe Meghan Moravcik Walbert accurately notes, "It is a common refrain among parents of young children that the Terrible Twos have nothing on age 3." But far from being the worst, Walbert argues that "threenagers" are actually the best. Here, in her opinion, is why(read more here :

  • They grow and develop so much that year.All of a sudden, they’ve got hundreds of words in their vocabulary (instead of dozens), they’re talking in short sentences and they’re answering simple questions. They start naming colors, they figure out the difference between morning, afternoon and night, they can even count a bit. They start to help put on their own clothing, ride a tricycle, and kick, throw and catch a ball. They can climb stairs with alternating feet! Honestly, the list of developmental milestones is pretty impressive and with all that growth, it’s no wonder they’ve got a bit of a chip on their shoulder now and then. You would, too, if your brain was constantly learning new words and mastering new motor skills every day.
  • Threenagers prepare you for all other ages.Every age has its ups and downs, its rewarding moments and its challenges. But none are quite like age 3, which exists to prepare you—and build your patience—for all the subsequent ages. If you’ve successfully made it through age 3 with only a normal amount of yelling and parental meltdowns, you are ready to tackle whatever else parenting may bring.
  • This is the year you will eventually pine for.Age 3 is the last year they seem truly little. By the time they turn 4, with their fully formed sentences, slightly more intact reasoning skills and pre-K classes, they’ve lost so many of their babyish qualities. As you gain distance from the tantrums and start to forget how hard it was to go anywhere or do anything in a timely fashion, what you’ll be left with is photos in which they look so small and precious and videos of all their adorable mispronunciations.