People Are Turning Xmas Trees Into Valentine’s Day Trees

Having a hard time getting used to life without your festive Christmas tree now that the holiday season is over? If you’re missing all the decorations and lights, you could do what some Valentine’s Day lovers are doing and redecorate your Christmas tree in honor of Cupid. Yep, Valentine’s Day trees filled with pink and white ornaments and hearts are a thing now.

Creative types are turning their artificial trees into all kinds of love-themed looks for the holiday. Some are sticking to pastel shades, while others are decked out in red and white, some with roses or candy-hearts, and they’re all romantic and not at all Christmas-y.

And if you’re really committed to the Valentine’s Day tree idea, you can even buy apink Christmas treeto really embrace the spirit of the holiday. Or you can stick with the traditional green tree and keep it simple with white hearts and twinkly lights. And the best part? You buy yourself another month before you have to take the holiday decorations down.