Plenty Of People Lie About Working Out

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one of your friends and family who isn’t working out on a regular basis? Well, don’t be because there’s a very good chance those people are totally lying to you about their workout routine. 

A new survey finds:

  • 19% of people admit they’ve lied about working out.
  • As for why, 37% admit they fibbed to convince someone else they were busy.
  • 35% lied to impress someone
  • 31% were too embarrassed by what they were actually doing. 

Now even if people do make it to the gym, that doesn’t necessarily mean they actually workout.

  • 37% of people say they’ve bailed out of their workout early because they forgot something.
  • Another 30% say they’ve skipped an entire workout because they forgot an “essential” item.
  • Those items include:
    • Sneakers (83%)
    • Workout bottoms (70%)
    • Socks (69%)
    • Hydration (67%)
    • Workout top (64%)
    • Deodorant (62%)
    • Weights (60%)
    • Headphones (56%)
    • Gym bag (42%)
    • Music device (38%) 

And then there are the people who just skip their workout altogether, and for a variety of reasons. The top excuses for not working out include:

  • Too tired (58%)
  • Other things to do (51%)
  • Didn’t want to go (30%)
  • Made up an excuse (21%)
  • Spent too much time at work (21%)
  • Wanted to go home (19%) 

Source:SWNS Digital