Marijuana Users Suffer From Impaired Driving--Even When They're Not High

A study published Tuesday in the journalDrug and Alcohol Dependencefound that marijuana drivers show signs of impaired driving even when they're sober, according to UPI."We're not suggesting that everyone who uses cannabis will demonstrate impaired driving, but it's interesting that in a sample of non-intoxicated participants, there are still differences in those who use cannabis relative to those who don't," said senior study author Staci Gruber. Researchers compared marijuana users and nonusers as they used a driving simulator. Heavy marijuana users, even after being sober at least 12 hours, had worse overall performance. They went faster, hit more simulated pedestrians and crossed the center line more than those who don't use marijuana. However, according to Gruber, "it's important to be mindful that whether someone is acutely intoxicated, or a heavy recreational cannabis user who's not intoxicated, there may be an impact on driving, but certainly not everyone demonstrates impairment simply as a function of exposure to cannabis." Read more here