Science Says What You Wear To Bed May Say A Lot About You

When it’s time to hit the hay at the end of the night there are two types of sleepers, those who wear pajamas, and those who sleep naked, and it turns out what you wear or don’t wear to bed could say a lot about you. 

A new survey reveals the typical traits of people who wear PJs to bed and those who don’t and it may surprise you.

For example, those who sleep naked are:

  • More likely to be introverted
  • • More likely to be a night owl
  • • Have sex five times a week
  • • 5/10 self-confidence ranking

Meanwhile, those who wear pajamas are:

  • More likely to be an ambivert
  • • More likely to be a mix of a night owl and early bird
  • • Have sex four times a week
  • • 6/10 self-confidence ranking
  • Regardless of preference both naked sleepers and pajama wearers prefer their option because they say they feel more comfortable (61% vs. 70%).
  • 26% of those who wear pajamas say a benefit is that they don’t have to wash their sheets as often.
  • But 36% of nude sleepers believe it’s healthier to sleep in the buff.
  • 24% of pajama-wearers don’t sleep naked because they’re worried about accidentally being seen in the buff.
  • Regardless of preference, folks say it took on average three months to feel comfortable with their clothing of choice for bed. 

Source:SWNS Digital