*LIST* The Best U.S. Cities To Live In

It’s no secret that where you live can seriously impact the quality of your life. So, how do you know where is the best place to live? 

  • Well, in case you missed it, 24/7 Wall Street has just come out with their picks for the 50 Best U.S. cities to live in.
  • They looked at the highest ranking city in each county, and based their assessment on several sources including the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control.
  • They looked at factors that have universal appeal, like short commute times, walkability, reliable public transit, affordability, job availability, entertainment options, low crime, and more. 

So, what city is the best city to live in?

  • Topping the list is Manhattan Beach, California, which is not only a major urban area, but also has miles of ocean coast.
  • The current population is about 35,573, with a median income is $150,083, with only a 5.3% unemployment rate.

Top Ten Best Cities To Live In

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  1. Manhattan Beach, California
  2. Winnetka, Illinois
  3. Hanover, New Hampshire
  4. Highland Park, Texas
  5. Piedmont, California
  6. Paradise Valley, Arizona
  7. Solana Beach, California
  8. Newport Beach, California
  9. Mercer Island, Washington
  10. Greenwood Village, Colorado

Source:24/7 Wall Street