Living Together Could Kill Your Sex Life

While living together before marriage sounds like a good idea, because you really get to know your partner, folks may want to think twice before doing it, because it could have a big effect on what happens in the bedroom.

A new study published in the "Journal of Sex Research" suggests living together can kill your sex life. It found that four years after a couple marries, those who were together longer and lived together before the wedding reported less frequent sex once they were married. Those who were together for shorter periods of time before tying the knot, and didn’t live together had more sex.

On a positive note, the study also found that those who lived together for a long time before marriage seemed to be more sexually satisfied over time than those who didn’t. 

  • Besides, folks shouldn’t start fearing for their marriage if they’ve been living with their partner. The study was based on data from only 100 couples who lived together and 100 who did not. In addition, sexologistLogan Levkofftells “The New York Post, “The study is painfully deceiving. When someone lives with a partner prior to getting married, they have access to sex, so that’s why early on there’s [not an increase in] frequency.” 

Source:New York Post