Meghan All Smiles In Canada As Their New Life Takes Shape

As the world takes inPrince Harry’sfirst remarks on the “stepping back” he andMeghan Markleare taking, details on their new life are taking shape. Among other things, she’s been spotted looking happy, relaxed – and being a mom – taking babyArchieand her two dogsfor a peaceful walk in the woods of Vancouver, Canada. Word is that Harry may already be back in Vancouver.

And while everyone continues simmering about what’s truth and what’s rumor with regard to the Sussexes, there’s one place reporters shouldn’t expect to get any dirt: Meghan’s longtime friendSerena Williams.Speaking to the press after her Australian Open match yesterday, the tennis superstarquipped “good try”when asked about her “feelings about” Meghan and Harry’s big decision.

Another piece of truth?Prince Charleswill be assisting his son and daughter in law in their transitional first year. According to“The Telegraph,”he’s offered “private financial support” to the couple as they settle in Canada, rather than dipping into his Cornwall Estate revenue.

  • Speaking of rumors…We finally havean idea about Archie’s godparents...and from what we can see, it’s all about Harry. “The Sunday Times” has revealed that Harry andPrince William’schildhood nannyTiggy Pettiferis one of them – she helped raise the brothers afterPrincess Diana’sdeath. The other?Mark Dyer,Harry’s mentor and friend who formerly served as Prince Charles equerry.

Source:Daily Mail