Filters Are Not Good For Instagram Likes, But Jobs & Hobbies Are

Before you go ahead and spend hours filtering your latest selfie, think again. Researchers from Rownan University in New Jersey took a look at 1,873 posts to determine that using a filter will not increase the number of likes a selfie gets. In fact, it led to fewer likes. However, showing off your job or hobby could give you the boost you're looking for.  

Dr. Seoyeon Hong,the author of the paper, explained "Studies in self-presentations suggest excessive excessive intent toward others to only think positively of an individual's self-image may trigger reluctance to engage." Basically, people don't want to see your fake, filtered happiness -- they want to see what really makes you happy and what real life looks for you.

This is the first study done that has taken a look at the number of likes on a selfie to see how others engage with that content and how they perceive the image. Researchers searched "selfie" on Instagram and looked at almost 2,000 of the images that popped up. Ninety-percent of the selfies analyzed were female. 

Think twice before you filter your next selfie!

Source:Daily Mail