Here's This Weeks "I'm Lovin" It" And It's Eyebrow MAGIC!

I have spent 6 weeks trying (and hating) almost every "tattoo" brow pen I tried. That Maybelline one wouldn't draw the lines , that one you see all over instagram was no better and cost 3x as much. I tried the individual pens, and it always looked 1 step down from a Sharpie. Then this one popped up on Amazon with some good reviews (I was skeptical because of fake reviews all over Amazon) but it was returnable and it was only $9 so I ordered it, not expecting much. This little pen by Music Flower gets the job done! Just shake it for a few seconds and you get natural, even lines. I LOVE IT!! I bought a few more for you to try, so just email if you want to win one. If you just can't wait and want to buy it NOWNOWNOW, here's the link