Majority Of Americans Enjoy Valentine’s Day More Than Christmas

While a lot of people feel that there’s little to look forward to after Christmas is over, except for maybe next Christmas, it seems plenty of Americans have another holiday they get excited about – Valentine’s Day. 

A new survey finds:

  • 81% of Americans get excited for Valentines, while only 68% get excited for the winter holiday season.
  • 33% are so into Valentine's they actually take the day off work to celebrate it.
  • While 63% of Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other, apparently the holiday has become about more than just that.
  • Plenty of folks will celebrate the holiday with other folks including: 
    • Family (61%)
    • Friends (59%)
    • Kids (51%)
    • Fur baby (pet) (28%)

And there are also many ways folks like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, including:

  • Buy gifts for people I love (64%)
  • Go out to dinner (57%)
  • Cook a special dinner (57%)
  • Treat myself to some ‘me-time’ (45%)
  • Send a card (40%)

When it comes to gifts, the average American will spend just over $50, although 20% will spend over $100.

  • And it sounds like some of those gifts are a bit strange. The top valentine’s day gift is fuzzy slippers (42%), while 31% actually said they want diapers for the holiday.
  • Other top gift choices include:
    • Cat-lady gnome (38%)
    • Fuzzy sweater (37%)
    • Bedding (33%)
    • Personalized jewelry (29%)
    • Kitchen staples (26%)
    • Stuffed animal (25%)
    • Warm socks (24%)
    • Punny card (24%)

Source:SWNS Digital