Everyone's Least Favorite State

A whopping nine states surrounding or near California chose the Golden State as their least favorite in the country, according to a comprehensive and unscientific Instagram poll by Los Angeles-based online illustrator and amateur researcher Matt Shirley. Californians, meanwhile, along with Alaskans, Oklahomans, and New Mexicans, chose Texas as their least favorite of the fifty. On the East Coast, people from Massachusetts hate New York, New Yorkers hate New Jersey, Garden Staters hate everyone and Floridians hate each other. Shirley, who regularly publishes charts like the “Every State’s Least Favorite State” diagram he posted Sunday, surveyed his 320,000 Instagram followers to see which state they disliked the most. Their answers were taken at face value. Survey participants claiming to be from Florida have a strange thing in common with Border States Georgia and Alabama — none of them like Floridians. Florida was the only state where survey participants appear to have chosen their own state as the least likable. No one polled had a problem with Georgia.