*LIST* Best Doughnuts In Every State

No matter where you live, you’ve probably got some good doughnuts around. But The Daily Meal wanted to know where to find the best doughnut shop in every state. They analyzed reviews and ratings sites as well as local publications to figure it out and this is the list they came up with.

These are the best doughnuts in these states (check out the full list of 50 statesHERE):

  • California: Randy’s in Inglewood- They claim to be “the most recognized doughnut shop in the world” thanks to their giant doughnut on their roof. When you go, try the glazed old fashioned.
  • Connecticut: Neil’s Donuts in Wallingford- Voted best doughnut shop in the state by “Connecticut Magazine” in 2019, Neil’s makes over 30 varieties fresh daily. But if you have to pick one, locals suggest the Boston Cream.
  • Florida: Mojo Donuts in Hollywood- Gourmet doughnuts are their thing and locals recommend the Deco Delight, a doughnut stuffed with cream and topped with berries and chocolate drizzle.
  • Georgia: Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta -They’re not afraid to take risks, like their white chocolate peach fritter. But if you get there early enough, order the fresh strawberry and cream doughnut.
  • New Jersey: Uncle Dood’s Doughnuts in Toms River- On the first of each month, they rotate flavors and they’re known for delicious varieties with fun names, like the Vermont Swine which has maple icing and bacon bits.
  • New Mexico: Rebel Donuts - GET THE MAPLE BACON BAR!!
  • New York: Doughnut Plant in New York City- This mini-chain seems to have struck the right balance between Instagrammable creations and truly delicious food. They’ve got cake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts that are light and fluffy and come in flavors including Vanilla Bean Glazed.
  • Virginia: Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee- With eight locations around the state, they’re a staple in Virginia that has perfected the classics and makes standout signature offerings. Try the Apple Cake Doughnut or the trademarked Chocolate Butterfinger Doughnut when you visit.
  • Washington, D.C.: District Doughnut in Georgetown- They swap out flavors each season, so there’s always something new to taste, but if the Creme Brulee doughnut is on the menu, get one while you can.

Source:The Daily Meal