Many People Suffer From Party Anxiety

While plenty of people love a good party, there are also lots of folks to dread going to a bash, and a new survey reveals some of the biggest reasons folks have anxiety about such social gatherings.

The survey finds:

  • 78% of Americans say they know as soon as they enter a party whether they’ll have a good time.
  • The average partygoer says it takes them 14 minutes to relax and enjoy a party.
  • One thing that certainly makes or breaks a party is the people, and 63% of folks say that when they go to a party there’s at least one person they’d like to avoid.
  • Along those lines, somebody showing up that they don’t like is one of folks’ biggest party anxieties (32%).

So, is it okay to ask a party host who’s invited?

  • Well, according to the survey the answer is “no,” although one in three people say they “always” ask anyway.
  • But problems with other guests isn’t the only reason folks suffer from party anxiety. Others include:
    • Want to leave but can't figure out how (31%)
    • I'm not fitting in (30%)
    • I don't know anybody but the host (30%)
    • I'm not having any fun (30%)
    • Worried nobody is eating the food I brought (27%)
    • Worried nobody is drinking the drink I brought (27%)
    • Too worried about driving home to enjoy myself (21%)
    • No food or drink I like (21%) 

Source:SWNS Digital