Phubbing Your Kids Puts Them At Higher Risk Of Depression

Parents, you may want to put your phone down more often when you’re with your kids. A new studyfrom China finds that “phubbing” your children could put them at risk of depression. The term refers to phone snubbing, or ignoring people to look at your phone, and it’s something many of us are guilty of.

For the study, researchers interviewed 530 students between the ages of 10 and 18 and they found that kids who felt ignored by their parents were more likely to have depressive symptoms than those who had their mom and dad’s undivided attention. Habits like having a phone on the table during meal times were included as examples of problematic phone use.

Previous studies have linked phubbing to relationship problems between adults, but researchers point out this one goes beyond others to highlight the risks of parental phubbing. They explain, “The present study highlights the need to establish family norms regulating mobile phone use to reduce phubbing.”