One-Third of All Food in American Households Is Wasted, Study Finds

A new study published Thursday in theAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economicsfound that nearly one-third of all food acquired by U.S. households ends up wasted, UPI reports. Researchers at Penn State estimate that consumers waste a staggering $240 billion worth of food each year, which works out to about $1,900 per household. Not only is the waste hard on the family pocketbook, it's also bad for the environment. Study co-author Edward Jaenicke said the food waste is responsible for "for about 3.3 gigatons of greenhouse gas annually." The study examined 4,000 U.S. households, and found that the average family in the study wasted 31.9 percent of its food, and more than two-thirds of the households studied wasted between 20 and 50 percent. The least wasteful houses still wasted just under 9 percent of their food. Households that wasted less were those who participated in food stamp programs, those who had to travel farther to the store, and those that used a shopping list. Read more here