WEDDINGS: Trends That Are Disappearing

Historically, weddings are steeped in traditions, but like everything else, things change. Modern couples are opting for ceremonies that celebrate their union but without the stuffy rules of the past. Experts say these are the wedding traditions that are slowly disappearing:

The bride’s family paying for everything: Weddings are expensive and there are plenty of parents that can’t do it alone. Not only are couples contributing but the groom’s family is too.

The white gown: Bridal attire comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors nowadays!

No more "something borrowed, something blue" …: Most people don’t buy into the superstitious rhyme so they just skip it.

Traditional rings: Engagement rings don’t look the same and neither do bands. Couples are choosing styles they like rather than what looks like a “wedding ring.”

The bouquet and garter toss: These dated (and often embarrassing) practices are disappearing. (Daily Motion)