Students Leave Notes Of Love & Support After Finding Cry For Help

An anonymous cry for help was found scribbled on a bathroom wall at Golden High School in Denver, Colorado and it’s inspired an outpouring of love and support in response. English teacher AshleyFerraro saw the note asking, “Is life worth all the B.S.?” and encouraged her students to write their own positive messages on sticky notes and post them on that same bathroom wall.

Now more than 50 notes fill the wall, including one that reads, “Yes, because you will find love in your future … in yourself … and in your favorite things to do and the small things in life.” Another reads, “Life is worth it because even if it’s bad there is always a good. We all go through something tough. It always gets better.”

Student Hannah Blackman is helping to spread the words of hope beyond the school’s walls using social media. The sophomore started aFacebook campaignto raise money for Suicide Prevention and Crisis services. “I think it’s always --always-- important to reach out and see if anybody needs help or even just a small act of kindness like the sticky notes,” she says.