Masks Are Selling Out Because of the Coronavirus--But You Don't Need One

American retailers are selling out of surgical and N95 masks because of fears over the new coronavirus that has killed more than 100 people in China, according to CNN. "Right now, there's no evidence that [wearing face masks] is going to help prevent that infection," says Dr. Charles Chiu, a professor of laboratory medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. "I would not recommend that someone in the U.S. who does not have direct exposure, did not recently travel to China...or in general that you go buy a face mask." There have only been five confirmed cases thus far in the United States. The CDC does not recommend that Americans get N95 masks or surgical masks, although those are the two masks briskly selling. Surgical masks don't seal around the face, nor do they provide adequate protection against the virus. N95 masks are best left to healthcare professionals who are fitted for the masks; untrained people could wear them incorrectly. Instead of masks, experts recommend common sense measures such as washing hands and avoiding sick people. "Right now is not the time to panic," Chiu said. Read more here