Most Common Excuse People Use When Cheating

Cheating on your partner is a terrible thing to do and it also requires a lot of planning and scheming to cover your tracks. And if you’ve ever wondered what alibis a cheater might use to hide their infidelity, now we know, thanks toIllicit Encounters. The U.K. dating site, which specializes in affairs, surveyed 2,000 members to find out the most common excuses used by cheaters to explain their whereabouts and the answers really aren’t that surprising.

The results show most cheaters tend to stick with the tried-and-true excuses that have been around for ages. Maybe it’s best to keep the lies simple, so they’re easier to keep track of? So instead of getting creative and telling their S.O. they’ve started taking foreign language classes, they use the old standard, “I’m watching sports” alibi. These are the top 10 cheating excuses for women and men, according to the survey.

For women:

  1. Going to the gym
  2. Night out with the girls
  3. Working late in the office
  4. Socializing after work
  5. Walking the dog
  6. Shopping
  7. Seeing relatives
  8. Meeting best friend
  9. Going to a beauty treatment
  10. Playing sports

And for the fellas:

  1. Watching sports
  2. Playing golf
  3. Working late in the office
  4. Socializing after work
  5. Boys night out
  6. Walking the dog
  7. Going to the gym
  8. Playing sports
  9. Meeting best friend
  10. Seeing relatives