Study: Teachers Who Praise Students See 30% Boost In Good Behavior

The more a child’s teacher uses praise instead of punishment, the more the child will stay focused on work and lessons in the classroom, according to a newstudyfrom Brigham Young University. It suggests that teachers should offer as much praise as possible to see an improvement in students’ behavior.

"As elementary teachers' praise over punishment ratio increases, students' on-task behavior increases as well," explains lead study authorPaul Caldarella.His team spent three years analyzing teacher praise and reprimands in 151 classrooms in 19 elementary schools, following the interactions of more than 2,500 students between the ages of five and 12 to come up with their conclusions.

And they found that the more praise, the more improvement in student cooperation and attention to tasks. Teachers who piled on the most praise saw up to 30% more positive student behavior.