Americans Don’t Consider Certain Life Milestones That Important

Growing up most people have thought about the day they’ll get married, have babies, or buy a home, but a new report suggests those milestones aren’t as important as they once were.

According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Life Happens, the new survey finds:

  • 61% of Americans agree that milestones like marriage, having kids and buying a house are no longer important.
  • More people say having financial security is a more important milestone than marriage,or having a child.
  • In fact, 24% of people say having a career is a more important milestone.
  • The biggest life milestones folks are delaying include:
    • Saving for retirement (54%)
    • Getting married (53%)
    • Having children (50%)
    • Buying a home (44%)
    • Getting engaged (38%)

But there are plenty of folks who are worried about how it looks to delay these milestones.

  • 63% of people say they feel judged because they haven’t accomplished such life milestones.
  • 77% say they worry about delaying certain life milestones.
  • Those in Gen Z feel most judged by not getting married (77%), while Millennials and Gen Xers feel most judged for not having retirement plans.
  • As for the milestones they worry most about, they include:
    • Retirement (43%)
    • Buying a home (39%)
    • Having children (35%)
    • Getting married (32%)

Source:SWNS Digital