Hackers Are Using Coronavirus Fears To Spread Malware

If you get email with coronavirus info, think twice before opening it.

Hackers are reportedly using malware as they prey upon people's fears about the coronavirus. Researchers with IBM X-Force and Kaspersky say that hackers are sending spam emails to people in an effort to infect smartphones and computers.

Emails, for example, that have been sent to people in Japan, claim that the coronavirus has infiltrated the country and urge the recipient to open an email to get more information. Once a person opens the email, the software grabs personal info and can inject malicious software.

Hackers track the success of their campaigns and keep using what works best, in this case, it’s fear. IBM says "We expect to see more malicious email traffic based on the coronavirus in the future, as the infection spreads." They remind you to run antivirus software on your phone to prevent infection.

Source:USA Today