People Feel Judged On Their Cooking Skills

Not everyone can be a wiz in the kitchen, but it sounds like there are a lot of folks embarrassed by their lack of cooking skills. 

A new survey, commissioned by Mazola Corn Oil finds:

  • 37% of Americans feel judged by others for their cooking skills.
  • 52% of folks say they’re guilty of having huge kitchen disasters, with 31% saying they were forced to start over from scratch.
  • Regardless of how bad they are, 21% of people say they have at least one standout dish that they make.
  • The foods most people feel confident making include:
    • Eggs over easy (49%)
    • Scrambled eggs (46%)
    • Hard-boiled eggs (44%)
    • Poached eggs (44%)
    • French toast (41%)
    • Soup (36%)
    • Grilled cheese (36%)
    • Pasta (36%)
    • Rice (36%)
    • Salad (36%)

But regardless of how hopeless they may be in the kitchen, it isn’t stopping people from at least trying to cook.

  • 49% of people say they plan to try more complex recipes this year.
  • Many want to master new skills in the kitchen, including:
    • Air frying (42%)
    • Baking (36%)
    • Grilling (34%)

Source:SWNS Digital