Someone Is Shipping Adult Toys to Random Amazon Customers

Someone is shipping adult sex toys to random Amazon customers, according to OK Whatever, and nobody knows why. It seems that some customers get the toys instead of what they actually ordered, while some customers don't even have to place an order to be surprised with a random toy that shows up in their mailbox. Theories abound for the cause of these odd deliveries. It's possible that someone is seeking reviews for their products or that someone within Amazon itself is playing a prank. Getting these items in the mail is surprising, but having the right attitude seems to help diffuse the awkwardness of the situation. “[The vibrator] cost more than the kettle itself,” said one couple who had ordered a kettle. “Good times were had--followed by tea, which was nice.” Another customer said, “I saw the humor in it from day one. When you take sex toys out of context, they can be kind of funny." Read more here