This Dating App Requires An IQ Test For Members

Tired of matching with people on dating apps and then realizing they don’t know how to correctly use their/there? ThenLove Smartmay be just what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a new dating app that requires potential users to take a general knowledge test using a “unique testing mechanism” before being given an account.

Basically, the screening system is a quiz filled with questions ranging from reasonable to strange and you have three-minutes to answer as many as possible. The idea is to weed out anyone with “subpar intelligence levels,” but before you think you’d breeze through no problem, let’s talk about what they’re asking. One minute you’re doing basic algebra, but the next they’re asking which world leader had a YouTube channel first and how much the budget for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie was.

It’s a bizarre range of questions, including which popular pizza chain is the oldest - Domino’s, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. And while it’s supposed to be a cinch for the “smarter half” of users, these aren’t the math and verbal know-how questions you’d probably expect. Fortunately, they only require a 50% to pass, so people have a fighting chance.