Study: Kids Think Their Parents Are “Phubbing” Them

While many parents think kids spend too much time on their phones, kids think the same about their parents.

That’s the takeaway from a new study in the Journal of Adolescence. Kids say their parents are guilty of “phubbing.” That’s the act of snubbing someone in favor of your phone.

Andy Crouch, author of “The Tech-Wise Family” talked about the study with “Good Morning America.” "Parents set the tone and the family agenda," Crouch reminds us.

Most agree phubbing is a problem, so here’s how to control family screen time:

  • Set a one hour, one day, one week limit. One hour a day, turn off devices, one day a week do the same, and one week a year unplug.
  • Prepare for resistance.
  • Walk away and ground yourself.
  • About seven minutes into a conversation… when it gets meaty… is when people grab their phone. Resist that.

Source:Good Morning America