These Are The Ideal At-Home Valentine’s Day Dinners

While a lot of people will go out to a romantic restaurant for Valentine’s Day, it turns out a plenty of people would rather just stay home, and a new survey reveals the food they’d love to chow down on for the romantic holiday. 

A survey by Instacart finds:

  • While 51% of people would rather go out for Valentine’s Day, 49% would rather stay home.
  • And it seems folks aren’t looking for a fancy meal at home.
  • 41% of people consider pizza the most underrated Valentine’s Day food, with 20% wanting their partner to make pizza for them on the holiday.
  • Other meals folks would love their partner to make include:
    • An all-dessert meal (22%)
    • Fried chicken (20%)
    • BBQ (19%)
    • Tacos (18%)
  • As for the type of food most people want to eat at home on Valentine’s, American food tops the list (46%), followed by Italian (44%) and French (22%).
  • Interestingly, 44% of Americans say Italian cuisine is the most romantic for Valentine’s Day, with 34% saying pasta is a “turn-on,” although garlic (25%) and “messy foods” (33%) are a turn-off.
  • Other foods considered a turn on include:
    • Chocolate (61%), although not the ones from a heart shaped box, which 43% say are overrated
    • Strawberries (51%)
    • Lobster (37%)
  • ONE MORE THING!There’s definitely one major benefit to having Valentine’s Day dinner at home. It seems 26% of people prefer it because they can wear sweatpants.

Source:Yahoo Finance