This Mom Says Grocery Shopping Shouldn't Be A "Family" Activity

t’s not uncommon to see an entire family shopping for groceries together, but one woman recently went on a rant about parents who bring all their kids to the market, and she was surprisingly met with a lot of support.

The woman shared on the parenting website Mumsnet that she doesn’t understand why whole families need to shop together and why one parent can’t stay home with the kids. "I normally do the food shop on Saturday or Sunday morning. It's not rammed, but it's fairly busy, and one of the things that makes it so busy is entire families grocery shopping together,” the woman writes. "Yesterday, it was mum, dad and three kids maybe 5/6 and under...why?? Surely one parent can stay home with kids, and one can do the shopping?”

The woman notes that often the kids wind up bored and touching everything on the shelf. She adds that she understands why a single parent would have to bring their kids but she just doesn’t understand why a whole family needs to make the trip.

While the rant may seem a little unreasonable, the woman was actually met with a lot of support online.

  • “Hate this,” one person noted. “Plus parents seem utterly incapable of telling their children to keep to the side/ stop getting in the way/ it's not a playground etc.”
  • Another agreed, commenting, “It’s not fun. It’s not quality family time. It’s not necessary."
  • At least one person had a different opinion, sharing that they like to their ids to “have an input” in the shopping, but most people shot her down.

Source:The Mirror