A Dog In Your Dating Profile May Improve Your Chances

Using dating apps to find love is always a crapshoot, but apparently there’s something you could do to better your chances at getting someone to swipe right – get a dog!

According to a new survey:

  • 39% of people have swiped right just because they wanted to meet a dog featured in a profile.
  • 63% of people say having a pooch in the shot helped them find matches online.
  • Dogs are such a benefit on dating apps that 39% admit they’ve borrowed their friend’s dog to give them a better shot at finding a match.
  • Of course when it’s time to produce the dog that’s another story, with 53% of people saying they were “very upset” to find out the person didn’t really have a dog.

While dogs may help you find love, they can also be a major issue of a relationship doesn’t work out.

  • 69% say that after a split they missed the dog as much as their ex.
  • 31% even admit that they put off a breakup because they didn’t want to leave the pet.

Source:SWNS Digital