FRIENDS: Reunion Special Worth $4 Million Per Actor

TheFriendssit-com is returning for a one-time show to launch the streaming service HBO Max.

The cast has negotiated a sweet deal: A 60-minute unscripted program and their bank account grows $4 million fatter. That’s more than $65,000 per minute. Almost 1,100 bucks per on-screen second!

Warner Brothers wants to fast-track the reunion special. They anticipate the show to coalesce this spring. The last hold-out had been actorMatthew Perry.Then hetweeted this weekwith the message “Big news coming…”

It seems this one-off event is all we’re going to get. The show’s creators made it clear around the 25th anniversary, (quote) “We will not be doing a reunion show. We will not do a reboot.” (Deadline Hollywood)