Here’s How Much Americans Will Spend On Valentine’s Day

There are a lot of ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day, and it seems plenty of people will be spending money to do so. But it appears they probably don’t have to spend all that much 

A new CompareCards survey finds:

  • The average American plans to spend $142 on their partner on Valentine’s Day.
  • Most people think their partner will spend less than them, about $119.20.
  • $201.20 is the most money folks feel their partners should spend on them, although for men the amount is $271.90 and for women it’s $145.20.
  • Men will spend more than women, $248.90 vs. just $57.
  • Men think their partners will spend about $189, while women think their S.O. will spend just $63.90.
  • While it may seem like a good idea to shower your partner with an extravagant gift, it seems most people just don’t want that.
  • In fact, 31% of people say they would be “turned off” if their partner spent too much. 

Of course, that isn’t stopping some folks from going all out on the romantic holiday, even if they can’t afford to.

  • 10% of Americans say they’ve gone into debt spending for Valentine’s Day.
  • 22% of people believe such debt is worth if it makes their partner happy. 
  • 26% of Americans have gone into debt pursuing a romantic relationship.
  • Millennials are the most likely to suffer dating debt.
  • 23% of Millennials have actually ended a relationship because of debt.