Most Serial Killers Are Tauruses, Study Finds

A majority of serial killers are Tauruses--and that's no bull, a new study finds.The New York Post notes that notorious murderers born under that zodiac sign include America's first modern serial killer, H.H. Holmes, "London Nail Bomber" David Copeland, Canadian child killer Karla Homolka, "Werewolf of Wysteria" cannibal Albert Fish, and British child killer Levi Bellfield. The study was conducted by British author David Jester, who reportedly spent two years looking into killers' zodiac signs ahead of the release of his new thriller The Clinic this week. While most killers he studied were born between April 20 and May 20, the individual days that the most killers claim as their birthdays were April 24 and February 18. Read more here