The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy In Every State

A lot of gals, and even guys, will be getting chocolates or candy for Valentine’s Day, but what delicious treat you get, or want, may depend on where you live. 

Well, in case you missed it, has come out with their annual list of the favorite Valentine’s Day candy by state based sales data from its online bulk candy store and industry partners, and the top choice sure sounds yummy.

  • Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are the top Valentine’s Day candy.
  • It overtakes conversation hearts, but that’s likely because last year SweetHearts conversation hearts weren’t even sold.
  • Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates represented 10.7% of all Valentine’s Day candy sold, as compared to conversation hearts, which was about 8%.
  • When it comes to states, 19 states had heart-shaped boxes of chocolate as their top Valentine’s Day candy, and 15 had conversation hearts.

Other popular Valentine’s Day Candy per state include:

  • Candy necklaces – Alabama
  • Hershey’s kisses – Arkansas, Delaware, South Dakota, Texas and Utah
  • M&Ms – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Kansas, Iowa, Idaho, Arizona
  • Chocolate hearts – Maine, Nebraska, Rhode Island
  • Chocolate roses – Oregon, Wyoming

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Source:Fox News