Foods That Are Safe To Eat Past The Expiration Date

There’s a lot of confusion over expiration dates and it causes loads of waste.

Household food waste accounts for 40-percent of the trash we throw away. And 20-percent of it is because we don’t understand the package dates. In case you didn’t know, most foods don't "go bad" or become unhealthy to eat when they've reached their sell-by dates, but they will start to lose quality in taste.

Here are some foods that you can safely eat past the expiration date:

  • Cheese. Harder cheeses last up to a month after the expiration.
  • Cereal. It lasts for months after the date.
  • Pasta. Dry pasta lasts up to three years.
  • Bread. Do the smell and texture test to make sure.
  • Yogurt. It’s okay one to two weeks past the date.
  • Chips. They Can be eaten for months afterwards.
  • Condiments. These are touchy.
  • Frozen food. A little freezer burn is okay.