Why The #BroomChallenge Isn't What You Think

Have you heard about the phenomenon that's "sweeping" the internet? On Monday, Twitter was abuzz with news about the "#BroomChallenge." The stunt, allegedly put forth by NASA, supposedly showed that a broom would stand upright on its own due to Earth's unique gravitational pull on that day. But the truth is, not only did NASA not start this challenge, but a broom can balance that way any day if its bristles are set a certain way. As CNN explains, "The center of gravity is low on a broom, and rests directly over the bristles. Which means if you can get the bristles positioned like a tripod, your broom will stand upright any day of the year." The outlet also claims they debunked the "#BroomChallenge" in a video years ago. Read it here https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/10/us/nasa-broom-standing-upright-meme-trnd/index.html