Scientists Are Hearing A Signal From Deep Space

Is life beyond our planet trying to communicate with us?

Maybe, since researchers in Canada are hard at work listening to and documenting a strange, repetitious signal discovered in deep space. The scientists used ground-based Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment telescopes to listen to the fast radio burst for 13 months after its discovery in 2019.

The research process indicated that the signal was being received in a regular pattern over four days before it stops and starts again after a 12-day absence. Most of the bursts do not repeat, and this singular burst has been pinpointed to a spiral galaxy approximately 500-million light-years away.

Experts are looking for a natural cause for the signals, but have not ruled out the influence of an extraterrestrial force. There are competing ideas as to what it is, but we’re rooting for life out there.

Source:CBS News