This Is How To Have A Perfect Valentine’s Day, According To An Expert

So, today is supposedly the most romantic day of the year, but it isn’t always easy to make Valentine’s Day as perfect and romantic as you or your partner may want it to be. 

Well, now relationship expertDr. Randy Schroederis offering his advice on how to have a perfect Valentine’s Day, so if you listen up there’s still a chance you can make today a good one.

Tips from Dr. Schroeder include:

  • Schroeder is a big proponent of adding a little surprise to Valentine’s. He notes, “Seeking surprises for the two of you can stimulate your creativity as you value each other." He suggests doing things you’ve never done before, like if your boo likes Chinese food, take them to a Chinese restaurant you’ve never eaten at, or if you like going or walks, take them to a park they’ve never been to before.
  • Schroeder realizes a lot of people stay in on Valentine’s because it’s hard to get out, when you factor in family and finances, but he suggests trying hard to get out of the house, even if it’s just for a little bit. He explains, “For whatever reason, going outside the home and spending time communicating even for one hour strengthens a heart connection even more.”
  • He does add that “picking up a pizza and watching a movie together on the sofa” can still be a nice Valentine’s Day.
  • As for celebrating on a different day, he believes it’s fine as long as you and your partner agree to it in advance. He shares, “You never want your partner to think you forgot about Valentine's Day!,” adding it would still be smart to “surprise” them with a present or something small on the day. 
  • He also stresses not to put too much pressure on one day to give fulfill your romance needs. He shares, “Valuing each other is an ongoing process throughout the life of the relationship, and it can't be jam-packed into one romantic holiday.”

Source:Fox News