Is The Mullet Hairstyle Is Making A Comeback?

If you’ve been paying attention to celebrity hair trends, you may have noticed a surprising cut on the rise. Thanks to singers likeMiley CyrusandKeshasporting the ‘do, the mullet is back. Yes, the short-on-top and long-in-back style is all the rage once again, for stars and regular people, too.

This “business in the front, party in the back” haircut was laughable when David Spade’s “Joe Dirt” character had one, but stylists say the mullet has become pretty popular these days. New York City hairstylistVincent Minchellisays a few years ago, he only did the cuts here and there, but now, he’s doing five to eight mullets a week. And they’re mostly on women.

Hair pros say the cut is versatile and easy to style, which makes it a good option for those who are tired of using a flatiron or curling iron. And while some of us can’t let go of the mullet’s embarrassing past, Minchelli says, “You can make a modern version that’s pretty, sexy, and elegant.”

Source:New York Post