Pigeon That Can't Fly Is BFF's with Puppy That Can't Walk

After a pigeon named Herman suffered neurological damage that stripped him of his ability to fly and left him stranded on the pavement in the parking lot of a car dealership, he was taken in by the Mia Foundation, a rescue and rehabilitation center in Rochester, New York. He now spends much of his day resting in a baby crib, where he was recently joined by a baby chihuahua named Little Lundy, who can't use his hind legs due to a condition called swimmers syndrome. The two have become fast friends; the bird refuses to peck the dog, and the dog refuses to nibble on the bird. A foundation worker snapped a few photos of the pair cuddling, and CNN reports that the organization raised $6,000 in two days as a result. Herman is likely to stay in the foundation's care for the rest of his life, while there's a chance Little Lundy could be adopted one day. Read more here