Ben Affleck: Jennifer Garner Divorce Was “Biggest Regret Of My Life”

Ben Affleck opens up about his career, struggles with addiction, and marriage to Jennifer Garner in a new interview with “The New York Times.” The actor’s “biggest regret” at 47-years-old? His divorce from Jen.

Ben says his drinking only got worse as the marriage did, and ended up playing a part in the split, too – but the former couple has remained close since their divorce. We've discussed how she was right there for her ex as he suffered a relapse that landed him in rehab for the third time. Ben says it's “embarrassing” that the incident was “on the internet for [his] kids to see,” but notes that it’s “not particularly healthy” to “obsess over the failures.”

Ben also knows when it’s healthier to step back from work than take it on, like his role in Matt Reeves“The Batman” that went to Robert Pattinson. The actor says he saw the script, but was warned he might “drink [himself] to death” if he went back into the DC world he was in when his marriage to Jen was falling apart.

Source:The New York Times