Made-Up Baby Names Are On The Rise

Picking out a name for a baby is serious business, but anew surveyfrom parenting site ChannelMum finds new moms and dads are ditching old standards like Elizabeth and Joseph for something more original. They asked 1,772 parents about baby names and a third say unique names will make kids feel special, as well as help them stand out on social media.

And we’re not just talking about unique spellings of names, like Xzavier or Jaydyn, this new wave of parents is creating all new names - like Sylvalie and Albion. Some parents are coming up with their original name by mashing together their favorite names or names of family members to get a new unique name.

These are the top made-up names, according to the naming experts at ChannelMum.

For Girls:

  • Maevery
  • Faelina
  • Idalia
  • Evabeth
  • Tessadora
  • Anaveah
  • Jessalie
  • Sylvalie
  • Sophiel
  • Elisobelle

For Boys:

  • Jaspin
  • Charleston
  • Brigham
  • Ranger
  • Wrenlow
  • Eastley
  • Graylen
  • Albion
  • Tovin
  • Cedar