An Online Petition Demands Airlines Seat Families Together For Free

These days getting seats together on an airplane can be a chore, and when it comes to families, making sure everyone is sitting near each other is becoming more and more difficult, and now some folks are taking a stand.

Now that more and more airlines are charging people to reserve seats, it’s getting more difficult, and costly, for families to get seats together. For this reason, "Consumer Reports'" advocacy arm justlaunched a petitionto demand airlines allow adults traveling with children 13 and younger to sit together without paying a fee. The petition notes that separating children from parents or other adults is a safety hazard especially during an in-flight emergency. 

Well, the public certainly is on board with the idea, with the petition, which hoped to get 25,000 signatures, receiving close to 45,000 by yesterday.

  • So, just how much of an issue is this? Well, "Consumer Reports" has received about 130 complaints about family seating issues, with some noting that airlines tried to separate kids as young as two from their parents. And while airlines usually try to get other passengers to move to accommodate families, it’s harder to do now that people have paid to get their assigned seat.
  • As for what parents can due to insure they are seated with their kids. First off they should never buy Basic Economy fares, which don’t allow for choosing assigned seats. They also should try and book as early as they can, and to make sure that all family members are booked together on the same reservation. 

Source:USA Today