Most Moms & Dads Think Parenting Is More Difficult Than When They Were Kids

We all know parenting is hard, and while a lot of people may learn their parenting skills from how they were raised, plenty of people feel as though many of those rules of the past don’t apply anymore. 

A new survey conducted for Osmo by OnePoll finds:

  • 76% of parents believe they are better moms and dads than their parents were.
  • 60% of parents think it’s more difficult parenting now than when they were children.
  • When it comes to parenting their child, many parents say there are certain aspects of their childhood they would never adopt with their own kids. They include:
    • Spanking/corporal punishment (46%)
    • Strict bedtimes (41%)
    • Can’t get up from dinner table until you’re finished (39%)
    • Time spent alone (36%)
    • ‘Go to your room’ (35%)
    • Time outs (32%)
    • Leave child home alone (31%)
    • Grounding (30%) 

So, what are the most challenging parts of parenting in the modern world?

  • Well, technology is certainly a big issue, with 69% of parents saying they have screen time rules in place, although 71% say they wish they were stricter in that area.
  • Other major parenting challenges include:
    • Discipline (49%)
    • Setting boundaries (43%)
    • Education (39%)
    • Scheduling (36%)
    • Daily grind (32%)
    • Work-life balance (30%)

Source:SWNS Digital