Survey: Coronavirus Having Negative Affect On Corona Beer

While it’s understandable a lot of people are worried about the spread of the coronavirus, it seems folks who make Corona beer have a completely different reason to be worried about the virus’ spread.

According to a new poll, the coronavirus is actually affecting the beer’s brand.

  • Corona beer's buzz score (a net score based on whether U.S. adults have heard anything negative or positive about the brand) has dropped from a 75 last month, to a 51 this month.
  • 38% of beer drinkers say that right now they wouldn’t order a Corona under any circumstance.
  • Even some regular Corona drinkers are being scared off, with 4% of them saying they would stop drinking Coronas, and another 14% admitting they wouldn’t order one in public.
  • What’s more, 16% of beer drinkers say they are confused about whether Corona beer has anything to do with the coronavirus.