Study: Millennials Can’t Change Lightbulbs By Themselves

We’re not sure what’s up across the pond, but UK Millennials are getting a bum rap.

A survey commissioned by Plusnet asked two-thousand Brits about simple tasks. Here’s what a full third of millennials admit they cannot accomplish on their own.

  • changing a lightbulb (it takes up to three weeks to ask for help)
  • hanging wallpaper
  • painting
  • tightening a loose cabinet door
  • fixing a loose screw

Who do they ask for help? Dad comes in first at 40-percent, followed by mom and then brother. When they need to know how to fix something 87-percent ask Google.

What do Millennials like to fall back on? Calling a professional. About 41-percent do that regularly and the average spent by the generation for pros is a little over $400 a year.

If you’ve got any doubt that skilled trades would be a good profession to jump into… this should erase it!

Source:Study Finds